El Mirador de los Pirineos by Brasi is a small author hotel. It is enclosed in St Jaques Way, in one of the best places more idyllic of the Pirineo Aragonés. Surrounded by Sierra de San Juan de la Peña, place where The Holy Grail was guarded and with beatiful views of Santa Cruz de la Serós. El Mirador de los Pirineos offer the opportunity of connect with the nature world in order to look for the essence of life and to enjoy of small details.

Sleep in El Mirador, surrounded by Pyrenees forests and the most pure romance. It is one of a kind experience full of emotions thanks to the warmth and kindness of Brasi, the owner of the hotel, that he does all in his hand to forget the stress and to bury yourself in a world of wellness and relax while your stay in this coin of Pyrenees.

Natural Enviroment